Whale encounters

The last trip to the southern ocean with visits to the Falklands, South Georgia and Antarctic Peninsula was very special.  On many days there were encounters with fin and sei whales, humpbacks and minke whales.

I’ve posted many of the drawings and some notes about the encounters on the website and have added a short video about the trip.  It includes some underwater film of the minke whale I managed to grab by hanging my GoPro camera over the side of the zodiac!



Whale encounters

Antarctica – Off the Beaten Track

Getting ready for another great trip south (8th – 20th November) with Dick Filby and the One Ocean team.



A sketch from the deck of Akademik Ioffe as we crossed the Scotia Sea, early December 2015
A painting from the shore, Antarctic Peninsula, December 2015


Antarctica – Off the Beaten Track

Seabird Drawing Course

drawing gannets_bass rock_brucepearson_2
To sit for a few hours on the Bass Rock surrounded by vast numbers of gannets was a tremendous privilege.

Last week I attended the week long John Busby Seabird Drawing Course in Scotland joining regular artist tutors Darren Woodhead, Greg Poole, Kittie Jones and John Threlfall  as a guest tutor.

The week was exceptional – absolutely fantastic locations, fine weather almost throughout, great company and some wonderful creative opportunities to be shared with the participants and tutors.

The course has a great history and has proved hugely successful over the past 25 years, firstly under the guidance of John Busby (1938-2015) and now run by Darren Woodhead and others.

To find out more about the course and read about the opportunities each year to attend the course as a recipient of an SWLA bursary please visit SWLA Bursaries

gannets_bass rock_4bgannets_bass rock_3b

The Bass Rock in the Firth of Forth now has the world’s largest colony of gannets with more than 150,000 birds on the rock.  They breed at only a few localities: coastal cliffs and remote islands with cliffs, ledges and slopes – Scotland is home to around 60% of Europe’s gannets.

gannets_bass rock_2b


Seabird Drawing Course

New studio space

After a few months shuffling things about have finally settled down in my new central Cambridge studio space after 5 years at St. Barnabas Press.

The new press is installed and I’ve just about got the measure of it, but much tweaking to do as each piece of work progresses.


New studio space

Collecting new printing press

Ironbridge Fine Arts_printmaking relief & intaglio press_2
The studio, gallery and workshop of Ironbridge Fine Arts

To Ironbridge Fine Arts today to collect new press (two, actually)!

The main one is a large studio press with a 192cm x 90cm bed – large enough to print blocks and plates up to about 1200mm  x 840mm (46ins x 33ins).

The second one is a much smaller desktop (portable) press that has a bed size about 76 x 30 (30ins x 12ins) and can print larger than A4 (300 x 210cm).

It will take a while to adjust things in my new studio and get used to the handling qualities and capabilities of these lovely presses.  I’m excited by getting printing as soon as I can, so more in due course.

jenny gunning_Ironbridge Fine Arts_printmaking relief & intaglio press_1
Jenny Gunning at work earlier today in the family-run business
Collecting new printing press