As a painter, printmaker and field naturalist I have worked full-time for over 40 years on a range of subjects and themes in many wild and remote places – the Arctic and Antarctica, many parts of Africa, the Caribbean, and North and South America. Fascinated by wildlife and the natural world I have tried to capture the rhythm and restlessness of wildlife and elemental landscapes – and sometimes the interactions of people with the natural world – to create images and dramatic themes that excite an awareness of nature and encourage a concern for its conservation.

The starting point has to be the field experience as pure observation is the raw material – perhaps a few small sketches, a larger more considered drawing, or an ambitious painting which one hopes distils something of the day’s experience. A work straight from the field can sometimes be framed and exhibited as it is. What is left is taken back to the studio to be viewed in a new light where the creative debris and ideas are reassembled and developed using different printmaking methods like etching, woodcut and monoprinting.

Although still able to travel to wild places, I spend much more of my time these days in my Cambridge studio (UK) working through the creative debris accumulated over the years to find fresh starting points for new work.


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