Collecting new printing press

Ironbridge Fine Arts_printmaking relief & intaglio press_2
The studio, gallery and workshop of Ironbridge Fine Arts

To Ironbridge Fine Arts today to collect new press (two, actually)!

The main one is a large studio press with a 192cm x 90cm bed – large enough to print blocks and plates up to about 1200mm  x 840mm (46ins x 33ins).

The second one is a much smaller desktop (portable) press that has a bed size about 76 x 30 (30ins x 12ins) and can print larger than A4 (300 x 210cm).

It will take a while to adjust things in my new studio and get used to the handling qualities and capabilities of these lovely presses.  I’m excited by getting printing as soon as I can, so more in due course.

jenny gunning_Ironbridge Fine Arts_printmaking relief & intaglio press_1
Jenny Gunning at work earlier today in the family-run business
Collecting new printing press

2 thoughts on “Collecting new printing press

  1. Les McCallum says:

    Hi Bruce Good luck with the new press, hope you didn’t hurt your back loading and unloading , they always look so heavy. Still can’t drive but would love to visit when given the o.k. Best wishes Les

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    1. Thanks, Les – had help unloading from Naif (Sophie’s boyfriend) now need to juggle things around in studio to fit it all in! When you are fighting fit again then a good day birding rounded off with a few drinks in the new studio would be good, so see you soon. All the best. Bruce

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