SWLA Drypoint Workshop – an exciting day!

Last Sunday at the Mall Galleries we had a group of really enthusiastic participants all willing to collaborate and really let go enabling them to push the limits of the medium – and their own creative leanings.  Thanks to all of them, and to Greg Poole for sharing the tutoring.

drypoint & carborundum_15
Some of the images produced during the day, either collaboratively (working in pairs on the same matrix), or individually working on their own image later in the day.

drypoint workshop_6



drypoint & carborundum_14

drypoint workshop_9
Various stages of the drypoint workshop; (top) preparation, printing (above) and working in pairs discussing a proof together (bottom left).






The non-figuration emphasis meant everyone abandoning their comfort zone for a while and lots of collaborative effort led to some exciting results and a lively atmosphere.

Interested for next year?  Keep an eye on SWLA website.drypoint & carborundum_11





drypoint & carborundum_10a

drypoint workshop_8

SWLA Drypoint Workshop – an exciting day!

One thought on “SWLA Drypoint Workshop – an exciting day!

  1. nick brown says:

    Hi Bruce: have you seen Emily Adams recent guest post on Mark Avery’s blog which mentions you and has links to your website?
    Perhaps it might be nice to reciprocate by putting a link to Emily’s very interesting writing about art and nature on your website since this is such an important subject and one clearly very close to your heart.
    Best wishes
    Nick Brown

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